Use CaseYak's Revolutionary AI to Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Site.

Attract more potential clients and automate intake using our revolutionary AI plugin. Our plugin blends in seamlessly with your WordPress instance and comes mobile ready.

Set Up Instructions

Already signed up for the CaseYak WordPress plugin subscription? Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress instance's admin panel and click on Plugins. Next, click on "Add New Plugin". Search for CaseYak in the search bar, and click "Install Now".

Step 2: Activate the CaseYak plugin. In the WordPress admin panel, click on "Activate" below the CaseYak plugin you just installed.

Step 3: Click on the CaseYak tab that now appears on your admin panel. Then, click "Enter Subscription ID" to enter the CaseYak subscription ID you received when you signed up. Haven't signed up yet? Click here!

Step 4: Your CaseYak instance is now installed! By default this will slide out on your homepage and greet your users from the right. You can also embed CaseYak into a standalone page by entering the identifier of the HTML element where you would like it to go. This can go in the Container ID field of the plugin settings as shown below.

Interested in customizing your plugin or need help getting set up? Email us at