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We bring you real-time, highly qualified motor vehicle accident leads in your area with data-backed case value estimates

CaseYak’s tool is a tremendous value add for us as well as potential clients. By offering them a data driven appraisal of their case, while seamlessly introducing them to the firm, CaseYak is able to attract and create highly qualified leads that are far more likely to become clients.
- CaseYak Customer | Denver, CO

CaseYak's Lead Generation Service: Get More Of The Type Of Cases You Want

Scattershot digital marketing strategies and choosing generic lead generators means you spend money to get low-quality cases.

Exclusive Leads
Each CaseYak lead is provided only to your firm, giving you a distinct advantage.
Real-Time Distribution
Our leads are distributed instantly. Connect with clients when they're most ready to engage you.
No Long-Term Contracts
Our service is month-to-month or per lead. Cancel anytime.
Click-to-Call Function
Get in front of clients at the moment they receive their case esimate with a click-to-call ad at the end.
Smart Filters
Filter your leads by accident date, phone number, county, client representation and more.
Available in Spanish
Use CaseYak to expand your reach in the community.

Let Us Find Your Leads

Stop spending time and money on unproven digital marketing solutions. Leverage our platform to access, screen, and connect with potential auto accident clients in your area.

Specialized Leads

Our platform is fully devoted to sourcing auto accident injury leads. We developed a first-of-its-kind Machine Learning model to predict claim value so you can evaluate and select each lead with more confidence.

Focus On Your Pitch

Let our team provide you with leads while you refine your sales strategy.

Grow Your Firm

Leads are developed in real-time, and are exclusive to you, offering a distinct sales advantage over "pooled" lead offerings.

Add AI On Your Website With CaseYak’s Plugin

Attract more potential clients and automate intake using our revolutionary AI plugin

Capture More Leads

Use CaseYak as a lead magnet on your website to convert more visitors into signed clients.

Easy Installation

Setting up the plugin is simple and painless.

Match Your Brand

Our plugin can match the look, feel and branding of your website.

Integrates With Popular CRMs

See your leads populate instantly to your favorite CRM.

Available in Spanish

Use CaseYak to expand your reach in the community.

How Do We Provide Case Value Estimates?

Introducing CaseYak's AI Case Value Calculator

  1. Machine learning model based on 10 years of historical jury verdict data
  2. More than 50 data points go into each case value estimate
  3. User provides inputs into CaseYak calculator and submits contact info
  4. Case value report created instantly upon submission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

Where does CaseYak get its data?

While the exact sources of our data are proprietary, we use publicly available data from jury verdicts. Our data spans ten years of jury verdicts, and pulls in over 35 data points from each verdict.

Do the potential clients consent to contact?

Every lead we send you has consented to being contacted by an attorney in our network.

Does CaseYak guarantee that leads will sign up as clients with my firm?

We only send you the lead, so we cannot guarantee that any given lead will sign up with your firm as a client.

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